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Customer Story: Data Protection, DRaaS, BaaS, and Professional Services

Team Performive
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As an organization in the process of expanding through acquisition, the customer is running operations across a mixture of hypervisors. Their legacy operating system is Hyper-V, but new acquisitions run mostly VMware. Their future plans include migrating all operations to a VMware platform. To improve security, current operations, and time efficiency internally, the customer was searching for a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution that could accommodate multiple hypervisors today, with the expertise to help with the migration project to VMware in the future.


Performive stood out in the sea of managed data protection providers as they uniquely offered a multiple hypervisor Disaster Recovery solution as well as were one of the only providers in the US to offer managed on-site (customer location) backups. As a Veeam Certified Expert, the Performive Devoted Engineering team now manages the customer’s Cloud Backups (using Veeam Cloud Connect), the customer’s onsite backups (using VeeamOne), and architected their Disaster Recovery plan to replicate critical applications and workloads in a secondary site if a disaster was declared.



With Performive the customer was able to meet their goal of a single solution to secure their data— featuring a set of familiar tools/controls—that is compatible with both VMware and HyperV. The architecture leverages VMware and Veeam enterprise software solutions, managed by Performive certified engineers

Their new Disaster Recovery as a Service solution is run in a geographically separate region than the customers’ sites and meets their RTO and RPO goals. When a disaster is declared, Performive’s team of experts execute the customized runbook built collaboratively during onboarding. DRaaS includes one free failover test a year and 24/7/365 Devoted Support. As a Performive customer, the client can now access Devoted Engineering on-demand (Professional Service hours) for additional failover testing or any other project utilizing Performive’s in-house engineering expertise, including migrations and application modernization.

By leveraging Performive’s data protection and VMware expertise, the customer has gained flexibility, efficiency, and can seamlessly run backup for environments powered by multiple hypervisors. Team Performive looks forward to partnering with the client on their upcoming migration project.