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Customer Story: Professional Services and Migration

Team Performive
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The customer ran mostly in a multi-region AWS environment, yet had several legacy applications still running on-prem, including their active directory. Active Directory can be a finicky beast. This was one of the last remaining on-prem applications in a push to be all cloud – and reduce their on-prem costs


The IT Director at our recent customer knew that migrating the company’s legacy Active Directory to AWS was not going to be an easy feat. The customer engaged with the Performive team and after a needs analysis, drew up a Statement of Work which included Cloud Migration Consultation as well as modernization of the Active Directory app to be Public Cloud-ready. The two teams of engineers (the customer’s internal team and the Performive engineers) scheduled each phase of the project. To not interrupt daily business, the project hours were completed over the weekend. Many of our Professional Services clients prefer to let our team do the work, however, this client had their team complete all the tasks with our consultative engineers guiding them through each step of the project over Teams live meeting. The Performive team specializes in virtualization and cloud-based infrastructures and helped build the skillsets of the customer’s IT Team in this engagement. The AWS Cloud Migration project was delivered several weeks early.


The successful migration gave our clients the negotiating power to reduce space and cost of their on-prem location – a big benefit to the business’s bottom line. The customer was protected during this risky project, with best-in-class service and proven migration expertise of the Performive Devoted Engineering Team.