Use Cases for O365 Backups

3 Case Studies and Use Cases for Microsoft O365 Backups

Danielle Walter
by Danielle Walter on

Is Microsoft O365 Backups right for your organization? Are O365 Backups necessary? The answer to this question is almost always yes. But let’s explore the reasons why Performive’s clients are adding Microsoft O365 Backups to their Data Protection Strategy. These mini case studies will give insight why our current customers chose to protect their data with Microsoft O365 Backups.

Case Study One: Standard Data Protection with Microsoft O365 Backups

Our client in the manufacturing industry has suffered data loss in the past. Learning the lesson to how valuable data protection is first-hand, they have an organizational objective to organize data in levels of criticality and backup all data that is classified within the top 3 tiers of data. Performive’s automated O365 Backups as a Service provide protections from accidental deletion, security threats and service disruption from Microsoft data within its many apps including Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams. As our client’s organization and data landscape changes, our Devoted Engineer Team consults with them on best practice and strategy advice for improved operations and managing costs.

Case Study Two: Aid in Internal IT Support with Microsoft O365 Backups

A large recruiting firm client of ours has three internal IT staff members to run the internal help desk. With over 30% of help ticket requests needing assistance from individual item and file recovery, the customer first started with a free Performive O365 Backup trial. Veeam’s easy portal makes recovery in O365 easy and fast, giving time back to the IT team to tackle larger issues and focus on innovation.

Case Study Three: Filling Compliance and Regulatory Gaps with Microsoft O365 Backups

Turnover in the IT Department of a Financial Industry customer of ours led to gaps within data retainment policies in the organization. By implementing O365 backups with Performive, and powered by Veeam, the customer automates document and data retainment at a company level, while ensuring ease of eDiscovery for audits.

Veeam Platinum Partner O365 Solution Experts

Why did we choose Veeam to help our clients with data protection and backups? Veeam is the number one Solution for Backup and Recovery for O365. As Platinum partners, we have certified engineers in-house dedicated to the Veeam data protection suite and all of our sales staff is certified in Veeam solutions. Over 130,000 businesses use Veeam’s O365 Backup Solution.

Ensure Business Continuity with a Full Data Protection Suite

If you are looking more information on Microsoft’s built-in protection and where a company user’s responsibility lies, chat with our team. They can share the Microsoft Office 365 Responsibility Model with you to help uncover and areas of weakness. Ask about trying out Microsoft O365 Backups in a free trial.